Vidya Mitra is an initiative of Mahesh Foundation to support students from the Maheshwari Community. This is a scholarship program which funds, either partially or fully, students from a financially weaker background for further studies.

The program which was started in 2016 with humble beginnings has taken great shape. Both, the Vidya Mitras (donors) and the deserving meritorious students are increasing every year.

A committee has been appointed which screens every profile and also meets the seeker in person before giving its final approval for the amount. This ensures quality check and the rightful candidate being rewarded with the amount.

Our progress so far:

  • 6.03 Lakhs to 55 Students (27 girls & 28 boys) in 2016
  • 11.16 Lakhs to 92 students (45 girls & 47 boys) in 2017
  • 15.22 Laksh to 119 students (60 girls & 59 boys) in 2018.

The progress on the number of Vidhya Mitras and amount collected is as under:

  • Towards Education Corpus Fund: Rs. 92,67,000/-, the interest of which is used for scholarship.
  • Towards yearly sponsorship:\
    • 6.00 Lakhs from 40 donors in 2016
    • 10.40 Lakhs from 46 donors in 2017
    • 11.25 Lakhs from 42 donors in 2018