Startups and Innovation are the new life and blood of modern day economy. Innovative and creative business models are testing the age old businesses and making them obsolete in many cases. Examples like Kodak, Nokia are aplenty which never understood changing times and customer needs and perished.

Startups, led by new age entrepreneurs who not only work hard but also are smart to understand the customer needs, is the need of the hour and needs to be celebrated and supported by our community. Mahesh Foundation brings in a unique initiative and intends to create a platform for startups, who can seek mentorship, guidance and support – infra & financially, and for investors who are looking to invest into startup but have very little knowledge on the nitty gritties of it.

Mahesh foundation brings a series of lectures for investor community to be able to answer to their questions while at the same time build a network to be able to invest into startups. This network will be called MAN (Marwari Angel Network) and will be a curated list of members.

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